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Kindergifts is a gift service that gives back to children in need in celebration of one's birthday. A logo was needed for their launch that communicated their objectives visually and could represent 


The Kindergifts logo suggests a birthday celebration with the presence of the candles. If one looks closely, a heart is seen inside the flame to invoke a warm, caring, and loving intent behind the celebration. This describes the unique mission

of kindergifts—to provide a kinder way of celebrating.


A candle symbolizes a wish, the future, a spark of hope and the light of life. Not only is it symbolic of birthdays but also of holidays (ie. hanukkah, christmas) and world peace. The flame of a candle can also signify the different metaphors of light—a ray of sunshine to brighten one’s day, a shimmer of hope, a spark of genius, to shine above the rest, and a bright future.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.37.33 pm_edi

Before creating any designs, a mood board was created to capture the personality of Kindergifts visually. Different images, colours and its meanings were explored that expressed keywords describing Kindergifts mission and personality. 

richter_g port ECO b.jpg

Final identity design 

A number of icons were explored that conveyed gifting, recycling, celebrating, and love in different forms of a gift with a heart, love recycled, a candle, and typography that mimicked a ribbon. Different taglines were also integrated into the different word marks.

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